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BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Gotoh 1/7 Scale Figure

BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Gotoh 1/7 Scale Figure

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From “BOCCHI THE ROCK!”, the “guitar hero” Hitori Gotoh comes to life as an impressive figure!

The highlight of this figure is her dynamic pose that looks like a scene from a live performance.

Her attractive, careful coloring and detailed construction are a must-see.

The guitar in her hands is faithfully reproduced down to the finest details. You can almost hear the music of this “guitar hero” live!

The pedestal is inspired by the live house "STARRY" that appears in the movie and can be enjoyed from any angle.

It also comes with a neon-style "Bocchi" sign, which brings her world straight to you!

Please enjoy to your heart's content the carefully crafted model that is filled with the charm of "BOCCHI THE ROCK!"

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  • Series: BOCCHI THE ROCK!
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