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BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Goto deformation figure

BOCCHI THE ROCK! Hitori Goto deformation figure

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"One for all! All for one!"

The melting Hitori Gotoh, in Deforme figure form?!
Hitori Gotoh from episode 7 of the BOCCHI THE ROCK! anime has jumped right out of the screen as a figurine!
Not only that, it even comes in a set with a bonus acrylic standee!
The poor Bocchi-chan being tormented by her trauma of the wretched sports festival-- please be kind to her.

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  • Series: BOCCHI THE ROCK!
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  • Pre-order Close Date: 5/15/2023
  • Age Recommendation: 13 UP
  • Available for the following territories: North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland
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