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Fate/Grand Order Foreigner/Abigail Williams (Summer) 1/7 Scale Figure

Releasing: 9/1/2023 (Pre-Order By: 1/3/2023)


Aniplex Online is proud to present the Abigail ver. 1/7 Swimsuit Outfit Scale Figure! From the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order, Foreigner/Abigail Williams (Summer) comes to life! Abigail is faithfully recreated, along with her delightfully colorful beach float and jacket. The brightly colored accessories contrast with her all-white swimsuit and slender physique to give a greater impression of her innocent purity. The beach float and ball appear transparent, making them stand out all the more clearly, and the adorable cats at her shoulder and feet are rendered in beautiful detail. Don't miss your chance to go on a summer vacation with the smiling Abigail!

Aniplex Online Exclusive Merchandise
  • Series: Fate/Grand Order
  • Release Date: 9/1/2023
  • Pre-order Close Date: 1/3/2023
  • Age Recommendation: Any
  • Available for the following territories: North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Both product details and shipping costs are subject to change.
  • All sales are final. NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES ACCEPTED
  • Returns/exchanges accepted only when there is a defect with the product.
  • Available in limited quantities, sold while supplies last
  • Official Website: https://fate-go.us/

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